Psalm settings

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People who are interested in acquiring all Goudimel note-against-note settings at once, including some from Le Jeune and some alternative melodies from the Lausanne Psalter, should consider buying this 1995 edition of the French Psalter (new texts by Roger Chapal) with the original 4vv settings transposed to a singable pitch and melody in the upper-voice: Le Psautier français. 

The settings below are geven 'as they are'. The editor is generally mentioned in the pdf.  Googlebooks preview sometimes gave access to editions hard to get. Legendum: If the second column is empty, the tune is Genevan and the setting 4vv. A special thanks to Howard J. Slenk, who gave permission to use his own 'magisterial' transcriptions of Flemish composers (vol. 2 of his dissertation, 1962)

Claude Le Jeune

Psalm 2
Psalm 22 (from A-R-Editions of Les 150 Pseaumes de David, 1601) 
Psalms 40, 63, 86, 98. 116ed. 1601
Psalm 62
Psalm 98 a 3 (c.f. middle voice) 
Psalm 92 (psalm à 4, plus canon à 5 - from the above editon)
Psalm 130  (not Marot, but Baïf : "Vers toy Seigneur" )(from Pseaumes en vers mesurez)
Psalm 138 (from Dodécacorde,  à 5)

Philibert Jambe De Fer

Psalm 25
psalm 42Text: Claude Lemaistre - Tune: Jambe De Fer (Lyon 1555)
Psalm 68
Psalm 104
Psalm 150

Louis Bourgeois

Psalm 9Pseaulmes cinquante (1547)
Psalm 22Pseaulmes cinquante (1547)
Psalm 38 - audio on the biography page
Premier Livre... (1547 no reference to Geneva melody)
psalm 43Pseaulmes cinquante (1547)

Thomas Champion ('Mithou')

from: Premier livre contenant 60 Pseaumes... (Paris, 1561) - transcriptions by N. Labelle
Psalm 24     [remark: this setting appears as Ps. 95 in Goudimels 150 Pseaumes of 1564-5]
Psalm 45 
Psalm 79   à 5

Jean Louys

Psalm 10 (transcr. H. Slenk)a 5 (Geneva melody combined with the chanson Dont vient cela)
Psalm 114a 5
Psalm 138 (transcr. N. Labelle)a 5
Ten Commandmentsa 5

Hubert Waelrant

psalm 7 (transcr. N. Labelle)no reference to the Genevan melody
Psalm 12 (transcr. N. Labelle)" " 
Psalm 103 (transcr. H. Slenk)" " 
Psalm 6 (transcr. H. Slenk)" " 

Claude Goudimel

Psalm 5
Psalm 33
Psalm 36two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 42two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 66
Psalm 68
Psalm 72two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 119
Psalm 130two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 133two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 136two settings (simple + embellished)
Psalm 137two settings (simple + embellished)
Ten Commandments (Lève le coeur)

Andreas Pevernage

Psalm 33 (transcr. H. Slenk)
O Souverain pasteur  (prandial prayer)
 texts of the prandial prayer also by Clément Marot, part of the Cinquante Pseaumes of 1543.

Jean Cauléry

Salutation angélique 
Or laisses, Créateur (Canticle of Simeon )

NB: These compostions use the texts by Marot , but there are no links with the Genevan melodies. The Salutation angelique (the 'Angel's greeting') is a protestant version of the Ave Maria (= only the biblical texts, no invocation). The texts of the two 'Graces' and the Salutation are also by Clément Marot. They were part of the Genevan Psalter for some time. The prandial prayers until 1554, and the Salution was originally incorporated in the Genevan Psalter in 1543 (but after objections from the City Council removed from the hymnbook. It is not present in the Lyon edition of 1548, but reappears in the Lyon edition of 1549 (with melody). Then it is gone from the hymnbooks, but of course remains in the many literary re-editions of Marot's Psalms (either separately, or integrated in his 'Oeuvres') . The prandial prayers remain in the hymnbooks until 1554, but after Lyon 1549 never with a melody (simply as 'other prayers'). Only Simeon's Canticle and the Ten Commandments survive.  For more info, see the special page about  these texts

Clemens Non Papa

Psalm 51
O Souverain pasteur (prandial prayer before the meal) 
Pere eternel (prandial prayer after the meal)
These compostions use the texts (Marot). There are no links with the Genevan melodies 

Philippe De Monte

Psalm 107  (recording at the biography page)a 5

Orlandus Lassus

Psalm 130Lute Tabulature
Psalm 130Premier livre de chansons.. Orlandi di Lasso   (Susato 1564, repr: Phalèse 1566/1570)
Listen to a recording on the biographical page


Psalm 1371540 - Lyon; 
The first compostion ever  based on a Psalm poem by Marot (as far as we know). 
4vv chanson-motet-like setting of the full text in three parts, inner part 3vv.
About the composer nothing is known. Perhaps a 'pseudonym'. 
more info: first polyphonic psalms (there also a recording)

Benedictus Appenzeller

Psalm 1301542 - Antwerp; 
4vv chanson-motet-like setting of the full text in four parts.
more info: first polyphonic psalms (there also a recording)


Psalm 1301544 - Lyon; 
4vv chanson-motet-like settingof the full text in three parts (inner part: 3vv)
Bass reconstructed. 
more info: first polyphonic psalms (there also a recording)

Pierre De Manchicourt

psalm 130 
(transcr. H. Slenk)
1545 - Doornik/Antwerp
4vv chanson-motet-like setting of the full text in two parts.
more info: first polyphonic psalms (there also a recording)

Antoine [de] Mornable

Psalm 46

1546, Paris (from the 'livre second', published by Pierre Attaingnant). 
In this publication 17 Psalmsetting à 4 are published, all independent of the Geneva tunes.