Biographical note

Hubert Waelrant

(b c1517; d Antwerp, 19 Nov 1595). Flemish composer, music editor, singer and teacher. 

"He was an innovator among mid-16th-century Flemish composers, and his style bridges the period between that of Gombert and the mature Lassus. His works are characterized by careful attention to the relationship between text and music, reflecting the current humanistic outlook, and by chromatic harmony and inventiveness in the use of dissonances." (Grove's - Robin Leaver)

Since Waelrant is quite well-known, I refer to other and easily accessible sources with info about him. He published his own Psalm settings in 'Jardin Musical' (3 volumes 1555-1556). There also other Flemish contributions to this genre (Cauléry and: psalm 51 by Clemens non Papa, the one who is famous for his 3vv settings of the 'Souterliedekens' ). The publishing firm 'Waelrant -Laet' was also responsible for the three volumes of Jean LouysCinquante Pseaumes  also in 1555. Below the title page of the 3rd volume of the Jardin Musical.

His Psalm-settings are spiritual songs, madrigalesque. and don't refer to the Genevan tune. See/hear the example in the music panel.

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Psalm 118 (text Clément Marot) in the form of a 'chanson spirituel'. No reference to the Geneva Tune.
Performed by chant1450 (CD Du fond de ma pensée  - Christophorus)


Rendez à Dieu louange, et gloire,
Car il est bening, et clement.
Qui plus est, sa bonté notoire
Dure perpetuellement.

Qu'Israel ores se recorde
De chanter solennellement,
Que sa grande misericorde
Dure perpetuellement.