Pidoux, Pierre

(Neuchâtel, 4 March 1905 - Genève, 16 July, 2001). Swiss theologian, organist and musicologist.
[Le psautier Huguenot I, II]


Pierre's father was a protestant Swiss minister, who accepted the call of the Eglise Chrétienne Missionnaire Belge (ECMB) to work in Belgium. From 1906 he served in the Borinage (Boussu-Bois, Charleroi). Because of the 'Great War' the children were send back to Switzerland. Pierre grew up in Neûchatel and attended the gymnasium in Laussane. He graduated in 1933 from the theology faculty of the Eglise Libre in Lausanne and became a pastor at Winterthur. After a long visit to Glasgow, he began to study the organ at the Conservatory in Geneva with Montillet from 1933 to 1936. In 1929 he founded the Choeur J.S. Bach in Lausanne, which he directed until 1948, holding at the same time an organ post in Lausanne. In 1948 he was appointed organist at the Montreux Temple, where he lived together with his wife, Gertrude Junod-Burger. From 1946 to 1965 he was in charge of the hymnology course at the theology faculty of the Eglise Libre in Lausanne; in 1964 he was given the honorary doctorate in theology by the university.

Pidoux’s activities have been devoted mostly to hymnology, musicology and teaching. Though he has edited many volumes of other early music (e.g. Gabrieli and Frescobaldi), he is generally known as a specialist in the history of the Huguenot Psalter. He sought especially to promote the music of the Protestant church (organ, choir and community hymnsinging). He was an editor of the series Collection de Musique Protestante (from 1935) and co-founder (in 1954) and general editor of the sacred music series Cantate Domino. He contributed music, harmonisations and texts to the new hymnal of the French-speaking Reformed Church of Switzerland (from 1964 until its publication in 1976). In this hymnal also many texts of his brother, Edmond Pidoux, literature professor in Lausanne, are present. In 1967 he became co-director with Luther Dittmer of the complete works of Goudimel, to which he has contributed several volumes. He composed many works for mixed choir and organ.



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text editions:

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